Preparation Guide

Once you have selected your new Andersens flooring, the next step is to prepare for the professional installation. To make the installation as smooth as possible, we have prepared this pre-installation guide to help you through the process.

How long does installation take?

The installation time will vary depending on the scale of the job and size of the home; however, most installations are completed within 1 day. A more comprehensive and specific timeline can be provided by the Andersens flooring consultant during the measure and quote stage.

Choosing an installation date

You will need to provide a day when someone will be home to have your flooring coverings installed as it isn’t possible to provide a specific timeframe. Alternatively, prior arrangements to access the premises can be made. Once this is sorted, the preparation for the installation can begin.


Move Furniture

Come the day of installation, it is important that all furniture is removed from the rooms that are having new floorcoverings installed. All fragile or breakable furniture, including ornaments and lamps, should be removed. As should all hanging objects in the area of installation.

Andersens can move the furniture for a fee. If you elect to utilise this service, make sure all cabinets are emptied; drawers are taken out from bedside tables and chest of drawers; loose objects, such as clothing and bed sheets are packed away; and bookshelves and wardrobes are emptied. This must be done before installers arrive.

There are some items that installers will not move. These include fish tanks, waterbeds, pianos, or pool tables. For heavy items, such as billiard tables and pianos, Andersens may be able to arrange a specialist to remove items at an additional cost.

Note: Although due care will be taken, no responsibility will be taken for any damage to any furniture.

Disconnect electronics and appliances

Electrical objects, such as computers and televisions should be disconnected and any computer cords, stereo wiring and other equipment should be moved free of the area.  Because of their fragile nature, Andersens won’t be able to move these.

For the kitchen or laundry areas, any gas and electric appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, fridges and freezers, should be disconnected. Andersens installers aren’t permitted to do this, so the disconnecting and reconnecting should be done by a qualified professional.

Remove Doors

Doors may also be required to be removed. If this is necessary, Andersens may be able to organise the removal and refit for an additional fee.

Doors may require trimming so that there is enough clearance between the door and your new flooring. This is not covered by our installation service and should be considered before the date of installation.

Remove existing floor coverings

The next step of the installation process is to ensure that any existing floorcoverings, including underlay, has been removed. Andersens can perform this service for a minimal fee that will be noted during the quotation stage; otherwise, it’s important to arrange, prior to the arrival of the installation crew, the removal of old flooring.

Note: Andersens recommends that all painting on the walls of the room is complete before your new flooring arrives.


For the duration of the installation, Andersens installers will require access to electrical power in the installation area for the use of their power tools. They will also need access to an area where they can store and cut flooring materials, such as a patio, garage or carport.

Proper installation of carpet necessitates that it be stretched tight against the skirting boards. It may also require long lengths of carpet to be passed through narrow halls and staircases. Some scuffing may occur. With properly applied paints the marks will rub-off. However, if walls and skirting boards are not undercoated or unsuitable paints used, the paint may be damaged. Whilst every care will be taken, we cannot be held responsible in these circumstances.

If the floor cannot be sighted prior to laying, an additional charge may be required for any floor preparation needed.

Customers, when purchasing any wool carpet, are advised to organise a Wool Maintenance program.

Due to the adhesives and certain materials used, it is ideal to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation during the removal and installation of floorcoverings. Upon completion, Andersens recommends further ventilation for 72 hours after your floor has been installed, utilising fans if possible.

Note: If your installation requires sanding, it is a good idea to cover all fixtures and furniture in the area with a sheet or a form of protective covering.


Thoroughly inspect the flooring once the installation has been completed. If there are any concerns, bring them to the attention of Andersens immediately.

When returning furniture to the room, take care with moving heavy items. To avoid serious damage to your new floors, it’s important you check for any dirt or girt that may be trapped under the legs of the items you’re moving. Once checked, Andersens recommend sliding the heavy items using protective materials.

Throughout the entire installation process, we will aim to keep you up-to-date with the progress being made, but if at any point, you have any questions, let an Andersens staff member know and we will endeavour to help.

Installation Videos

Choosing the right floor for your home can be an overwhelming decision, especially when you aren’t aware of the exact processes that take place. At Andersens we want you to be informed and confident when the time comes to choose. That is why Andersens offers to come to you with the “Showroom on Wheels”, provides a “100 Day Peace of Mind Guarantee” and now, has a series of installation videos.

With our series of expert installation videos, Andersens wants to give you an insight into some of the flooring installation processes and alleviate some of the mystery of what’s involved with preparing and laying different floor types. You’ll see how having your floor covering or window dressing installed by our team of experts, you can rest assured knowing that it has been primed for maximum performance and durability.

We hope that these videos help remove some of the stress of the unknown with installation, we always recommend you speak to one of our friendly experts on how to get the best result for your home.